The Public Municipal Library in Śmigiel was established in 1947, based on the „Decree on Libraries and Library Collection Care”. An accordant resolution passed by the National Council of Śmigiel provided the library with furnishings and premises at the building at pl. Rzstrzelanych 25. The library first opened its doors for public on July 1, 1947.

The following year, the library enrolled in the Libraries Register under no. 5 at the School Inspectorate in Kościan, as the Public Municipal Library in Śmigiel. At the time, the post of the head librarian was granted to Józef Wesnerowicz. In 1955, the library was relocated to the local government facilities at Pl. Wojska Polskiego.

 The consecutive and final move to the Municipal Cultural Center on ul. Tadeusza Kościuszki took place in 1972. From 1955 on to 1976, the library was headed by Agnieszka Wesnerowicz. As a result of the nationwide administrative reform in 1975, the Public Libary of the Town and Municipality of Śmigiel was established, with its respective branches in Czacz, Nietążkowo and Stare Bojanowo. In 1976, Helena Wróblewska was appointed the new library manager. It is thanks to her that the library was renovated and refurnished, while at the same time supplanted with reading rooms for adults and children.

 On August 27, 1990, by resolution of the Town and Municipality Council in Śmigiel, the Public Municipal Library was merged with the Municipal Cultural Center, thus establishing the Cultural Center. The managerial post over the conjoined institutions was awarded to Ms. Wróblewska, who performed her duties until March 31, 1995.

The chief responsibilities of the library are centered around gathering library collections, rendering them available for the public, engaging in reading, educational, cultural and informative activities. Besides, the library deals with reading and drawing competitions, library classes, meetings with writers, and promotions of new releases.
Apart from that, the employees of the library take part in preparations of events organized by the Cultural Center.

Currently, the library is headed by Danuta Hampel.

„With the thought of the readers”

The library is part and parcel of the social deal and hence undergoes continuous alterations. We may declare with genuine satisfaction Śmigiel Library ensures that the requirements of the contemporary reader be met. Implementation of improvements at the library began in the early January, 2008, with the launching of the online reading room. It was made possible thanks to the fact that the library joined the „Ikonka” program. Wthin the confines of the program, the Ministry of Science and Informatization supplied the institution with three computers. The program’s aim is to provide easy, common, and free access to the Internet to as many local users as possible. Together with „Ikonka”, the users of Śmigiel Library were given a chance of taking advantage of educational materials available online. The library supplanted the equipment with a printer which allows the users to print all necessary materials. It is worth adding that since last year the library uses the „SOWA” operational program, designed first to computerize the book collection and ultimately to make it possible to use an electronic library data base (directory, hired books, audit).

Library structure

The Public Municipal Library in Śmigiel

Branch Library in Czacz

Branch Library in Stare Bojanowo

Branch Library in Nietążkowo



The Public Municipal Library in Śmigiel

Telephone no.: 5 180 273


Branch Library in Czacz

Telephone no.: 5 180 225


Branch Library in Stare Bojanowo

Telephone no.: 5 185 185


Opening hours:

Monday: 1200 - 1900

Tusday: 1000 - 1400

Wednesday: 1200 - 1900

Thursday: closed

Friday: 1200 - 1900

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