The Center publishes the local periodical „Witryna Śmigielska”. The first issue came out in May 1991. In 2001, the periodical was transformed from a biweekly into a monthly. Also since that time the periodical has been typeset electronically. The circulation of „Witryna Śmigielska” stands at 650. The periodical can be purchased in 35 shops in Śmigiel and across the district.
The latest issue contains:

Selected articles

:: History of the region

:: Interesting sites

Archiwum Archives (complete issues of „Witryna Śmigielska”)

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Editorial staff:

Eugeniusz Kurasiński – editor in chief
Magdalena Dymarkowska – secretary editor: material preparation and compilation, advertising section, section for promotion of the Town Council in Śmigiel
Dział Promocji Urzędu Miejskiego w Śmiglu
Barbara Mencel – crosswords section
Jan Pawicki – historical section
Andrzej Weber – tourist section
Hanna Portala – proofreading
Jacek Maria Nieniewski – typeset and graphic design
Żaneta Klecha
Danuta Hampel



Foto-Elf Marciniak,
M. Dymarkowska



Printing Company „HAF” Leszno



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